Information and Communication Technology

At Hurstbridge Primary we understand the importance of ICT in education and are committed to the ongoing use and development of ICT with our school. We believe our students need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively and safely engage with today’s technological world and be responsible digital citizens of the future. Our staff understands the importance of ICT use in the classroom for promoting engagement and enabling learning success for all students.

Every classroom is equipped with iMac computers, printers, scanners, have access to Interactive Whiteboards, iPods, digital cameras, video cameras and banks of laptop computers. We also have a well-equipped Computer Lab, which is available to the whole school for use. The Grade 5/6 area also has a one to one MacBook program that operates in their classrooms with specialist ICT support to upskill students and support teachers.

Our ICT curriculum covers the fundamental areas of Microsoft suite of products, robotics, graphics, gaming, drag and drop programs, Edustar software as well as online tools:


cyber[smart:] keeping smart; staying safe online

Web 2.0 tools,  E-Readers, Blogs, Wikis

We are constantly looking at new and exciting ways in which to engage students in their learning and ICT is definitely an area that promotes student engagement, increases learning success and provides practical life skills.