Walking School Bus

Walking School BusThe Walking School Bus (WSB) offers children the opportunity to walk to school in a safe and family oriented atmosphere.

Children and parents can walk from 3 starting points (bus stops). WSB 1 is Chione’s way. WSB 2 is Parker Road. WSB 3 is Bambara Road. (Please see map.) Children walk under the supervision of Walking School Bus volunteers. All volunteers undergo training and have obtained a Police check.

Parents need to sign a consent form for their children to participate. Children also sign a behaviour agreement.

There are several benefits of the Walking School Bus.

  • The development of vital road crossing skills.
  • The development of safe pedestrian behavior.
  • The health benefits of walking and exercise, and the enjoyment of walking to school with friends.
  • A reduction in the level of traffic congestion and reduced parking problems in the local neighbourhood.
  • A reduction in the level of air pollution created by cars in the local environment.

At each starting point there is parking available to allow families to drive, park and drop children off, so that they may walk the rest of the way to school under the supervision of the WSB volunteers. Of course, many parents enjoy the walk to school with their children, as a healthy way to start the day.

The Walking School Bus operates on the following days. The starting times to walk to school vary according to each route . It is important to be punctual.

Walking School Bus Map

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WSB Route Walking Days
WSB 1 Chione’s Way Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
WSB 2 Parker Road Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
WSB 3 Bambara Road Wednesday

Please note, if it is raining at 8.00am, then unfortunately the walk will have to be cancelled.

Remember, walking to school is cool!

Walking School Bus Registration Forms

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