At Hurstbridge Primary one of our school priorities is to improve learning outcomes in all areas of literacy. We are committed to producing students who are highly literate.

The students engage in daily WRITING, learning to write for different purposes using appropriate structures and features. They produce procedures, letters, information reports, recounts, expositions, narratives, poems and explanations. GRAMMAR teaches punctuation, a range of vocabulary, sentence structures, different parts of speech, as well as editing and proof reading. In SPELLING we use a phonics approach, encouraging students to identify key features, patterns, rules, sounds and similarities and differences in list words. The students work with a new set of words each week or fortnight, completing spelling activities in the classroom and consolidating their learning by completing a homework task on the words.

The students engage in daily independent READING where they are encouraged to read for meaning as well as pleasure. All classes have a literature focus and work in small groups with a teacher, to improve reading comprehension and expression. The comprehension skills we build on include reading to understand the main idea, sequence, cause and effect, figurative language, bias and prejudice, author’s purpose and to compare and contrast facts and opinions. Students engage in Modelled, Shared and Guided Reading. Additional programs the school provides include Corrective Reading for students who require extra assistance as well as EAGLES English for students who require extension.

SPEAKING and LISTENING includes teaching the students to listen attentively to spoken texts via a range of mediums. They are encouraged to identify ideas and details as well summarise them. Speaking includes teaching the students to plan, rehearse and make oral presentations. They learn to adjust their speaking to take account of context, purpose and audience, and to vary tone, volume and pace of speech to emphasise meaning.