At Hurstbridge Primary School the Numeracy program engages students in learning about number, measurement (length, weight, volume, time etc), spatial concepts, chance & data and working mathematically.

In number, the students explore and represent numbers, learn about place value and the processes involved in the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). They model and describe fractions, and apply the strategies to ‘real world’ problems.

In measurement, students estimate, measure, compare and record using informal and formal units.

In chance and data, students explore the likelihood of events occurring and gather, organise, display and interpret data using tables and graphs.

In space, students identify, describe, sort and model 3D objects and 2D shapes. They represent and describe the position of objects. They describe position and give and follow directions.

When working mathematically students explore mathematical problems. They link mathematical ideas and use everyday language, some mathematical language and diagrams to explain various mathematical concepts.

Typically, three out of the five weekly sessions are based on number with the remaining two focusing on one of the other areas of the maths curriculum. Each week, students will be given mathematical tasks to complete as part of the homework. The home-school partnership is essential in developing students’ mathematical understanding.