Physical Education

All students at Hurstbridge Primary School have a weekly class with the Physical Education teacher.  This class is dedicated to the teaching and refining of Fundamental Motor Skills, such as; movement, balance, coordination, striking, kicking, throwing, catching, hand-eye coordination.  These skills are built upon and then adapted to use in modified games for students in the junior school.  For students in the middle school and senior school the games become more formal and match skills are further developed such as; defending an opponent, game strategies and knowledge of rules.

Swimming lessons are conducted for Prep – Year 5 students towards the end of Term 4 at the Diamond Creek Outdoor Pool with their qualified swim teachers.  Students learn water familiarity, confidence, stroke development/refinement and safety skills.  As a culmination to the swim lessons we hold a swim carnival for Year 2 – 6 students. They compete in their school house teams in 25 metre races modified for their year level and swimming ability. Students are allowed to use kickboards for backstroke and breaststroke events and there is even a running event and a super-bomb competition just for fun.

Senior school students have annual dance sessions with experienced dance instructor Ken Marshall. Ken prepares them for graduation where they present themselves incredibly on Graduation Night where parents are encouraged to join in towards the end of the night for a community dance and evening of fun.

Special to the Year 3 & 4 students is a series of bike education lessons culminating in the “Peter Brock Memorial Ride.” This is a great community ride where the students, teachers and many family members catch the train from Hurstbridge to Diamond Creek, then ride along the Diamond Creek Trail to Westerfolds Park and back.  Yes, it’s a ride of over 20km on the day and is a wonderful achievement for all involved.

The Year 3 & 4 students also have a weekly sports session where all the students go out with their teachers and the P.E. teacher to learn, develop and put into practice skills they will need when it is their turn to begin playing formal sports and competing for the school.

As part of the sports program the Year 5 & 6 students have weekly sports practice and matches against other schools in the Diamond Valley District.  All students are in a sport squad and teams are selected with a core team of experienced players and all other students rotating into the team.  Students not selected for the week’s team are involved in Supersports sessions with local coaches, teachers, volunteers and children sports specialists.

The Diamond Valley Primary Schools Sports Association is a vibrant, dynamic and strong group of  10 schools and P.E. teachers who organize many carnivals and special events throughout the year.  Each year there is the swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals, giving the students in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 opportunities to go through to higher levels, all the way to Victorian State Championships.  Before these district events we hold our own swim carnival, cross country afternoon and athletics day where all students take part earning points for their houses, Allwood, Ferguson, Hurst and Wurundjeri.  From these events, school teams are selected and we had an extremely successful year in 2013 coming 3rd at the swimming, winning the cross country and winning the athletics. The 2 largest schools in the district had dominated the athletics for over 20 years. This is a fantastic achievement for Hurstbridge Primary School considering the size of our school enrolments compared to some of the larger school in our district. As well as having 2 students who went all the way through to the national championships in Brisbane and came home with silver medals, our district wins were due to the depth of competitiors who gave their all for the school and themselves.

It is our aim to provide the students at Hurstbridge Primary School sporting opportunities to develop skills, playtime strategies, teamwork, social interaction, competition and pathways for excellence towards State Championship level.  We want students to enjoy physical activity and to enhance a desire for them to become life long participants in healthy activities and leisure pursuits.