We aim to develop an excellent, ingrained and sustainable science program that is embedded in teaching and learning.

We recognise that intuitive scientific thinking and processing is just as important as understanding scientific concepts. Science will be integrated in the curriculum through the Key Learning Areas of literacy and numeracy and supported through an ongoing commitment to expand educational resources and diversify learning experiences.

We value that we, like our students, learn as much from our failures as our successes.

Teachers will endeavour to be organised, provide relative, timely and astute feedback, and guide students through investigations. We will work collaboratively with our colleagues, share our learnings and celebrate our achievements.

We will understand and value our student’s knowledge and experience, and build upon it through real-life (where possible), hands-on, open-ended investigations which use inquiry approaches.

Students will take responsibility for, identify opportunities in and direct their own learning, along with collaborate with peers, to achieve great results and build important future life and learning skills.

We will strive to improve educational outcomes and foster a love of science.