Lesley Gibson, Classroom Teacher (Grade 1/2)
Interests: Family, gardening, going to the movies, dining out
Why I teach: I am passionate about the early years because they are vital in the educational journey that each child commences at home and continues at school
Carrie Spriggs, Classroom Teacher (Prep/1)
Interests: Swimming, running, cycling, scuba diving
Why I teach: I teach because it is wonderful to see children become so proud of themselves when they achieve success
Eva Orvad, Classroom Teacher (Grade 3/4)
Interests: Dining out, spending time with family and friends
Why I teach: I enjoy helping children achieve their best and develop lifelong skills. I also enjoy getting to know my children and their families
Kerry Steenbuck, Teacher
Interests: Beach combing, collecting mid-century modern design, organic produce and fairtrade
Why I teach: I believe that children should grow to be creators, be active participants in their culture and be responsible citizens of the world
Peta Alexander (Grade 5/6)
Interests: Family, exercising outdoors, nordic culture
Why I teach: Being able to help a student learn something that they will remember and use throughout their life is a great feeling
Kate Hodgson, Classroom Teacher (Grade 5/6)
Interests: Technology and gadgets, sport, music, camping, gardening
Why I teach: I love watching children learn, develop and aspire, especially when they realise they are capable of so much
Rob Szydlowski, Classroom Teacher (Grade 1/2)
Interests: Volleyball, golf, family
Why I teach: I enjoy getting to know each child's interests, both in and out of school and develop each child to the best of their ability to reach their true potential
Diane Brown, Classroom Teacher (Grade 4/5)
Interests: Reading, gardening, spending time with family and friends
Why I teach: I want to inspire, motivate and cultivate the potential in children to become successful lifelong learners
Mike Ghiotti, Teacher
Interests: Family, running, walking, cycling, golf, St Kilda Football Club
Why I teach: To try and have a positive influence on someone's life
Judy Cooper, Classroom Teacher (Grade 5/6)
Interests: Gardening, golf, beach holidays, family
Why I teach: I enjoy engaging the students, making learning fun and encouraging each student to shine
Michelle Cooper, Classroom Teacher (Prep)
Interests: Reading, camping beach holidays, walking the dog
Why I teach: I love working with the children, watching them learn new things and develop lifelong learning skills
Kathryn Tiedgen, Classroom Teacher (Grade 5/6)
Interests: pets, exercise and spending time at the beach
Why I teach: I love spending time with the children and getting to know about them and their lives. I love to watch them grow throughout the years.
Ross Verinder, Classroom Teacher Sport Specialist
Interests: Tennis, bike riding, kayaking, growing vegetables, animals
Why I teach: I get a great thrill out of seeing students learning new skills. I love it when they achieve their best or beat a personal record
Erin Dawe, Classroom Teacher LOTE and Music Specialist
Interests: Violin, running, reading, hiking, craft, camping
Why I teach: To develop my student's musical awareness and creativity, enabling them to be innovative, flexible, confident adults
Grace McMullen, Specialist Teacher (Grade 1/2)
Interests: Movies, reading, yoga, gardening, time with family and friends
Why I teach: Our children are our future and I gain enormous satisfaction working with them and guiding them to achieve their best
Chris Tatnall, Principal
Interests: Family, camping, fishing, gardening
Why I teach: I enjoy helping children develop into life long learners
Beatrix van Lunenburg, Assistant Principal
Interests: cross stitching, various other crafts, reading, my dogs, cooking, friends & family
Why I teach: I enjoy watching children open their minds and take on new ideas. I especially enjoy the 'aha' moments in the early years of school
Debbie Long, Library Technician/Office
Interests: Reading, travelling, crafts and history
Why I like working in a school: I enjoy the challenge of doing something new each day.
Suzanne Scott, Student Support
Interests: Nature, crafts, life-long learning
Why I like working in a school: I'm interested in the daily ups and downs of young children's lives