Our Educational Support dog Zen


Earlier in the year we applied for a grant through Health Ability (Nillumbik Community Health) for an educational support dog for our school. We were successful with funding! Our dog will visit classes, sit with children while they are reading, help our children with calming etc. the possibilities are endless.

As an assistance dog she will be able to travel on public transport, go into shopping centres, school camps etc. She will have to wear an official vest identifying her as an assistance dog. In this way she will be very similar to a seeing-eye dog. is will be something very unique to our school.

Our puppy ‘Zen’ (Buddhist for Calm), and will undergo some basic training soon and hopefully come into school for visits throughout the term. She has an intensive training program and has to sit for her official assistance dog certification in December. We are looking forward to this exciting new initiative at school and will share more information throughout the term with the community.