You are welcome to enrol your child or enquire about enrollment at any time. Please feel free to book a school tour.


Enrolment Form:


The enrolment form, which must be signed by the parent/guardian, must include at least the following information:

1. Date of birth (a copy of a birth certificate and original to be sighted) (Passport or travel document for non-Australian-born students.)
2. Names and addresses of child and parent/guardian
3. Details of medical or other conditions for which the child may need special consideration
4. Emergency telephone numbers, including that of a nominated doctor
5. Previous school and year (kindergarten)


The school also needs to see your childs original birth certificate and immunisation status.


To apply for enrolment, please fill out this form.


When accepted to enrol at our school, click here to download our enrolment form or contact the school and we will send one to you.